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History of Dragonstorm

Many years ago in what is known as the Pacific Northwest, a restless young Marine met a master bladesmith. The bladesmith was well known and respected for his work not just in the area, but in corners around the world by sword aficionados and armorers. Mike MillerThe master's name was Jess Roe. Master Roe was strict, but happy to teach those who were truly interested in the craft, as this young Marine was. He proved to be stubborn but innovative, his strengths lie in doing the best he could with what he had. His skills grew and expanded to encompass all he had time for in the realms of weapons and their traditional accessories.


Jess RoeTime went on and the Marine had other obligations and family to feed. One day at a convention, and he and the master crossed paths in the hallway. The master asked if the Marine had been working his craft and if his blades were for sale. When the student told Master Roe that he was not selling blades, the master picked him up by the shirt and slammed him against the wall and hollered "Well GET ON IT, I NEED SOME COMPETITION!"

Dragonstorm came to be.


RobertaJust before the turn of the millennium there were many brave and fun-loving youth who loved to fight and spar with swords. One of these was a brilliant and fascinating woman now called Roberta. She was a member of The Seattle Knights and TFA. Formidable and keen, she attended practices regularly, yet her band of brethren was small and she desired more people to join her group so they could whoop the hind ends of the other TFA members. She saw a young man weaving chain mail and thought "Perhaps he will do."

They fought many battles together and perhaps despite this, were wed. They raised a few children and were part of an infamous paintball team. Roberta enlisted in the Navy; home from mobilization one Christmas, Mike presented her with a leather tooling kit and said to "Do something constructive instead of those stupid computer games." She set to, her designs becoming more and more elaborate: Dragons, Family Crests, Weaves, she moved on to burning and carving the leather as well. When she received news of Master Rowe's unambiguous message, she took on the planning and financial management for Dragonstorm as well as the tooling and decoration of the leather.

Today the mighty Roberta is a Navy Reservist, artist, leather worker, and Dragonstorm's manager.


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